Working Hard For You

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Auto Insurance

No doubt, you have been inundated with auto insurance claims that 15 minutes is the magic number. But when you need to make a real claim, who will you be calling? A friend? A neighbor? Or a message that tells you the next operator will be available in 35 minutes.

Don’t be misled. Savings and service are close by. We understand you because we live here too. We are not like a good neighbor; we are your good neighbor.

One Size Only Fits You

We focus on getting you the insurance that fits you and your family’s needs. We offer insurance that comes in all shapes and sizes. Do you need comprehensive coverage or liability only? Do you have children who drive? Is your vehicle for work or just family? No matter what you feel you need, we can tailor a plan that has your name on it.

What About Savings?

You don’t have to sacrifice savings for customer service. Do you have more than one car? Do you own your home? Do you travel only short distances? Our discount options can save you hundreds of dollars.

We like saving you money because that is what people do around here. No matter what size policy you choose, we are with you every step of the way—today and tomorrow.