Farm Insurance


From the dawn of time, farming has been the backbone of most civilizations. Even today, owning a farm still feels like you are carrying the world on your back. As businesses go, farming isn’t for the faint of heart. As a farmer, you probably know that.

Farm insurance is a lot like business insurance even though farming is more a way of life than a business. Farm insurance is different than business insurance since it is very farm specific on what it covers. It addresses the types of liability and losses typical to life on the farm.

Different Size Farms and Policies

Maybe your farm provides adequately for your family or perhaps your farm employs many hands. The policies for each of these farms will be different in scope yet similar in many areas, such as the type of buildings, equipment, property, and liability the policy covers.

Do you live on your farm? There’s a policy for that. Do you farm on rented property or property away from your home? There are policies for that too.

No matter what your farm or ranch insurance needs, we have a policy that you can put your brand on.